Clear21® Brackets in Hamilton and Stevensville MT

Clear21 is an orthodontic treatment that helps to align your teeth properly. Clear21 uses translucent, fine grain alumina ceramic brackets that are bonded onto your teeth. The Clear21 system uses revolutionary aesthetic self-ligating bracket technology to produce the most consistent and precise results in the industry. The precise 3D control of the treatment from start to finish gives straighter smiles and the best and most stunning results in a significantly shorter treatment time.


  • Bidirectional Hook

The Clear 21 brackets to be attached to the cuspids and bicuspids include centered bidirectional hooks that provide optimal comfort, adaptability, and secure retention of auxiliaries.

  • Manufactured To Deliver Maximum Strength & Aesthetics

Clear 21 devices are made from injection-molded fine-grain alumina ceramic that provide great strength and better translucency and prevent getting stained. 

  • Unique Ligation System

The orthodontic devices have a unique ligation system that delivers better reliability and easy operation. They can be easily opened with a twist using the Clear21 Quick-Turn Tool* and closed with a gloved finger or the tip of the same tool. This unique and proprietary processing of the tooltip keeps scuff marks away from the ceramic surfaces of the bracket, thus maintaining the aesthetics of the device. 

Please note to use only the Quick-Turn Tool to open and close the ligating door to prevent any damage to the Clear21 brackets.

  • ​Designed for Patient Comfort

The rounded corners and the smooth compound-contoured labial surface of the device provide optimal patient comfort. 

  • Early Precise 3D Contro

The precision archwire slot offers earlier, more exact 3D control for torque, tip, and rotation when used in combination with square wire treatment. The accuracy of the slot and closer connection with the archwire is essential to 3D control that works. For instance, to retain comparable rotation control in a conventional rectangular system, the MD width of the door would have to be around 1.7 times larger than Clear21.

  • Generous Under Tie-Wing Area

The Clear21 aligners have generous under the tie-wing area to support early elastics and power chains.

What Are The Advantages of Clear21?

Clear 21 uses unique clear brackets instead of traditional metal brackets, making them less noticeable on your teeth. This makes them more appealing to teens and adults who may feel self-conscious about wearing braces. Its other major benefits are as follows:

Shorter Treatment Time

The first and only self-ligating device to offer early and continuous 3D control.

Uses the Most Advanced Technologies

Innovative square wire finishing employs 30-40% lighter forces* with better control, comfort, and sliding mechanics.

Delivers Beautiful Smiles

A progressive slot offers a sensible mix between control and flexibility for efficient sliding mechanics and exceptional finishing.

Is Clear21 Right for Me?

Clear21 is a simple cosmetic braces solution that’s ideal for patients with minor alignment issues or gaps. Braces using Clear21 brackets can correct minor alignment issues in as little as six months.

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